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Here are some recent adventures of our favorite sock monkeys.
We hope that you will be able to vicariously visit where Lucius and his
friends have tread by immersing yourself in these photos and stories.

The Shadow Under Withywindle; or Terror In the Darkness

Transylvanian Tribulations; or the Vexing Vampyre Visitation

Perambulating Forth; or of Menace and Mushrooms

Harrowing Holidays; or Lucius and the Chilean Confrontation

Riddles in the Land of the Rising Sun; or a Princess in Peril

Adventures in the Great White North; or Bad Luck and Worse Superstition

Egyptian Encounter

Greeting Greece

The Third Annual Sock Monkey Madness Festival

Adventuring in Australia

Hiking Hawaii

South American Saunter

Ambling Through Amsterdam

Faring Forth to Florida

Navigating Niagara Falls

An Outer Banks Outing

Cavorting in Court

British Isles Borne

Eastern European Excursion

Sojourn to Savannah

Maine Meanderings

A Japanese Jaunt

Coastal California

A Philadelphia Outing I: Septimus' Day Out

A Philadelphia Outing II: Where Lucius Comes Home and Septimus Prepares for Battle

Portugal, Spain and Morocco