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You may wish to check this page regularly for the most recent updates to Lucius' web site.

February 23, 2008: Dear friends, I have the most sorrowful duty to inform you that Lucius has died. All hope is not lost, however, for if Lucius is able to successfully complete his most perilous adventure, we may still see him again. We have also posted the final "ask Lucius" question until his return. I'm sorry for my brevity, I just don't know what else to say.

December 30, 2007: My fellow Lucinians, this month we have added not one, but two pictorial extravaganzas: one from the Greek Isles and one from Egypt! As always, please find them on the on the Travels and Tales page. Next, two more questions have been asked and answered on the Ask Lucius page. Due to my concern, I will also mention that upon his return from Egypt several months ago, Lucius was quite agitated and began meditating. He has not yet stopped. I do not know what his behavior signifies, but I will keep you informed.

June 29, 2007: Greetings friends! Please enjoy Lucius' photos from his vacation in Australia on the Travels and Tales page. Rest assured, he enjoyed taking them. We have also added another picture of our youngest scamp, Sprite, on the Iggy and Mox page. Finally, also on the Travels and Tales page, we have added our photographs from The Third Annual Sock Monkey Madness Festival in Rockford, Illinois!

January 11, 2007: To celebrate the New Year, we have added pictures from Lucius' excursion to Hawaii on the Travels and Tales page and have answered, what is to date, my favorite Ask Lucius question! We have also added some very exciting items on the Iggy and Mox page: some new photographs of Iggy, Mox, Ollie and Sprite AND a link to their new feature film "Space Pirate Blacksock and the Mystery of the Ancients!"

April 24, 2006: We have lots of updates for you today! First and most importantly, the History page has been updated to include our two newest members of the Withywindle Family, Sprite and his monkey warder Ollie! Next, we have added some new links and a new question which Lucius has graciously answered. Third, a pic or two has been added to Iggy and Mox's page. We are also very excited because we have recently discovered that most of Esther Averill's "Jenny and the Cat Club" books are back in print! We have added these books to the Literature page. Finally, we have posted on the Travels and Tales page the long awaited photos of Lucius' recent trip to South America. Please enjoy!

August 16, 2005: True, an update is long over due. But rest assured, it's not Lucius who's been slacking as he's been to Amsterdam, Hawaii, and South America this summer.  For this update, we have posted pictures from his bike ride through Amsterdam, which may be found on the Travels and Tales page.  You'll have to wait for the other two excursions!  We have also added a picture of those ruthless space pirates Iggy and Mox, added several new products to the store, and Lucius has answered another question on the Ask Lucius page.  Finally, several new friends have come to stay at Withywindle with us:  Lucy, hailing from The Sunnyflower Farm, and Jacques Cat and Mox's new friend Baby Sockzilla from Fluff T.V.  They are wonderful arrivals who fit right in with the flow of life around here.  Oh, and speaking of babies, Mox is expecting a sibling early next year!

March 13, 2005:  Well, we have two exciting updates for you this month.  First, Lucius' brother Augustus has sent us a story involving a journey to Ottawa, a foiled plot, and quality lotion.  This item may be viewed on the Mox and Friends page.  Second, Lucius has posted his scrapbook from his recent trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida.  As usual, you may find these photos on the Travels and Tales page.  Beannachtai na Feile Padraig!
November 27, 2004:  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends!  This month, on the Travels and Tales page, we offer Lucius' trip to Canada to see his brother Augustus and Niagara Falls. Also, several more questions have been asked of Lucius.
July 14, 2004: First, Iggy and Mox have returned in: I.M.P.S. Episode 8: High Flying Hijinks.  Their amazing, yet true, tale may be found on the Iggy and Mox page. Lucius has also posted a few photographs from his recent vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina which may be viewed at the Travels and Tales page. One of Lucius' favorite authors, Van Reid, has recently released a new Moosepath League book which is now available in Lucius' Literary Corner. Similarly, on the Links page, next to the Moosepath League's link, we have added a picture of Mr. Reid's personal assistant, Abner T. Plumbob, a yarn monkey of refinement, with whom Lucius often corresponds. Lastly, a link has been added to Fluff T.V., of whom we here at Withywindle have become quite fond and who purvey the most incredible sock creatures.
May 20, 2004: We are very proud to present a new Lucius story which we hope will send shivers down your spine.  The strong of heart may view this story on the Travels and Tales page.  Also, we have added a new question to the Ask Lucius page.  Lastly, those scamps, Iggy and Mox, have been busy.  Soon they will be unveiling their new tale packed full of  more than the recommended daily dose of hi-jinks!
March 25, 2004: We have finally emerged after a long winter! Viva Spring! Currently, we have new pictures taken in a Federal Courthouse of Lucius, Iggy and their new friend Annabelle. These clandestine photographs may be viewed on the Travels and Tales page. We have also posted a most interesting question on the Ask Lucius page.
December 26, 2003: Merry Christmas to all! As our gift to you, our friends, we have updated the website with new pictures from Lucius' recent trek to the British Isles on the Travels and Tales page. We have also added some new pictures of everyone's favorite ragamuffins, Iggy and Mox, on their page. Lastly, another intriguing question has been asked of Lucius.
October 17, 2003: Just in time for All Hallows Eve, we have Lucius' chilling story of Transylvanian vampyres on the Travels and Tales page. Lucius is also very excited that one of his favorite books, Jenny and the Cat Club is back in print and availble at Lucius' Literary Corner. Lastly, Lucius has answered another insightful question on the Ask Lucius page. Enjoy the Samhain festivities!
September 4, 2003: First, Lucius has returned from Eastern Europe and has brought us back pictures which may be viewed on the Travels and Tales page. We have also added a new, highly recommended book in Lucius' Literary Corner and a Link to our new friend Daisy Marie's website. Moreover, if you were to peruse the apparel section of the Merchandise page, you would also find exciting new graphic designs on the Loosh gear!
July 13, 2003: Our biggest news this month is a new pictorial short story featuring those lovable scamps Iggy and Mox. This multimedia extravaganza may be found on the new Mox and Friends page. Also this month, we have added two new books to Lucius' Literary Corner, two new questions on the Ask Lucius page, and a new nugget of knowledge on the History and Family Tree page. Lastly, we have added a Link to the exellent website, the Red Heel Monkey Shelter. We highly recommend visiting their enlightening message boards!
May 22, 2003: This month, after much anticipation, we are pleased to bring you Lucius' new story of truck driving and intrigue on the Travels and Tales page. Please enjoy!
April 30, 2003: Lucius is back from his latest adventures, but unfortunately his tale of truck driving excitement will not be ready until next month. However, in the meantime, we have several other exciting updates. First, after a considerable amount of research, Lucius has uncovered a new cousin named Ignatius! Details of this new development can be found on the History and Family Tree page. Also several new questions have been asked, answered, and posted on the Ask Lucius page.
March 31, 2003: We have no content changes to offer you this update, but we have given the site a light face lift with new navigation graphics. Lucius has been gallivanting about recently, but when he comes back home next month, you can be assured that he will have wonderful new tales and news to impart!
December 14, 2002: We'd like to wish all of you the very happiest of holidays. Thinking of the holidays, you can now read about Lucius' holiday related Chilean adventures on the Travels and Tales page. Also, we have created two new designs for "Loosh" apparel and gear of which we are very proud. Please take a moment to peruse them here.
October 31, 2002: Happy Halloween! Late last month, Lucius took a sojourn down to Savannah, Georgia in order to search for mysteries and intrigue. Please feel free to peruse the gallery on the Travels and Tales page. Also, fabulous new baby items are available in the Merchandise section to celebrate the news that Joel and Donna, two of Lucius' closest friends, are going to have a baby!
September 28, 2002: The gallery of Lucius' adventures in Maine while following in the footsteps of the Moosepath League is now available on the Travels and Tales page. Also, by request, the pattern for Lucius' fez has been posted. You can read more about it on the Ask Lucius page.
September 2, 2002: Finally, we are able to reveal the story of "The Princess in Peril." We have added the story to the Travels and Tales page for your entertainment. Hopefully, this tale will tide you over until we add Lucius' adventures in Maine later this month. We have also lowered the prices on all apparel and goods sold through cafepress as a gift to Lucius' loyal supporters. Meanwhile, we have greatly expanded the literature portion of the Merchandise section. Lastly, some new questions have been asked of Lucius, and of course, answered.
August 14, 2002: Lucius recently traveled to Japan for reasons of both business and pleasure. A pictorial gallery of the pleasure portion of his trip is available on the Travels and Tales page. Lucius is currently awaiting permission from the Imperial family to publish the adventures which constituted the business portion of his trip. Lucius is hoping to obtain permission by the end of this month. Be assured that the story is definitely worth the wait and while we cannot divulge any details, we can perhaps wet your appetite by hinting that the Princess, chocolate covered soybeans, and evil spirits are involved!
July 1, 2002: Lucius has just returned from a harrowing adventure in Ontario, Canada where he was visiting his brother Augustus. As always, these exploits may be found on the Travels and Tales page. Also, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Lucius was named Sock of the Month by the fine folks at the Sock Drawer.
May 23, 2002: As evidenced by this article, Lucius has been very busy, and thus we do not have any incredibly thrilling updates this month. Nonetheless, you may have noticed that the homepage has a new graphic and expect to see new Lucius items and designs in the Merchandise section in the near future.
April 13, 2002: Lucius and Septimus paid a visit to Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Their exploits are documented on the Travels and Tales page. Lucius also honored us with several new candid photos for his Picture Page and we added a few new items in Lucius' Merchandise section. Lastly, Bubba Bo recently conducted a telling interview with Lucius.
March 16, 2002: Lucius has just returned from a jaunt to California where he attended a conference and took in the sights. You can find a few choice pictures of his adventure on the Travels and Tales page. Also, there are some new tantalizing developments on the History and Family Tree page.