Monkey Moments: Run by two sisters, this wonderful site offers greeting cards and stationary featuring candid sock monkeys resplendent in their native capriciousness. The next time you are moved to write a missive, I highly recommend Monkey Moments as your compositional vehicle!

Sock Monkey Fun: Ceru, my friend who has traveled extensively in South America, introduced me to Tamara and her website. Utilizing both red heel and non-red heel socks, and whether fulfilling a custom request or creating from her own design, Tamara's sock monkeys evoke a wonderful sense of whimsy. She also stocks a wide variety of sock monkey clothes and accessories, filling a need which has been sadly neglected until this time.

Sappy Moose Tree: Mandy, the artist responsible for the incredible menagerie found on this site, has both talent and imagination to spare. If you are in the market for sock fleas, lemurs, frogs, or even monkeys, I believe you will do very well here. I especially like her sock monkey zombies. Plus, I understand she is very close with Buttons, a sock monkey of staggering proportions!

The Red Heel Monkey Shelter - My new friend Ollie George introduced me to this fabulous Victorian oasis for sock monkeys where he and many other interesting souls dwell. The Red Heel is absolutely worth the visit and, vacation time permitting, even a prolonged stay!

Daisy Marie - Daisy Marie is a kind, peaceful sock monkey who loves gardening. Her often updated pictorial adventures are not to be missed.  Daisy Marie and all of her friends and family live at Sunnyflower Farm which also hosts a wonderful Sock Monkey Adoption Center featuring an ever changing array of wonderfully unique sock monkey personalties.

Fluff T.V. - The crew at Fluff T.V. are a vivacious and unique lot. I am proud to call friends such interesting characters and purveyors of amazing sock creatures. If this team of artisan/musician/performers cannot dream of it and create it, I fear the feat cannot be performed. The multimedia selections on this site are also quite entertaining.

Tim - A quite amiable and interesting sock monkey if I do say so myself. The Big T is truly a "rockin' sock monkey with attitude", making the web a more intriguing place for us all.

Nate's Sock Monkey Hub - This globe trotting sock monkey is not only nice enough to share his adventures with us, but also provides a wealth of sock monkey connections.

Bubba's Sock Drawer - My new friend Bubba must be the most colorful sock monkey on the net. I feel a certain affinity towards him as he greatly reminds me of my brother Sirus.

Baxter and Bananas - This new Nickelodeon cartoon is certainly full of promise. How can you go wrong with a show featuring a sarcastic sock monkey!

Fox River - This is the website for the manufacturer of the original red heeled socks (specifically their sock monkey page).

The Sock Company - This emporium has a smashing deal on two pairs of monkey socks for $7.99, or six pairs for 21.59.

The Moosepath League - Van Reid's literary detailings of this adventureous society are outstanding and highly recommended. The virtuous men and women of the Moosepath League are among my greatest influences. Should you stop in, please extend greetings to Mr. Reid's yarn  monkey assistant, Abner T. Plumbob, my friend and oft correspondent.

CapMaroc - This bazaar offers a fine selection of Moroccan merchandise at the best prices I've seen outside of the Souks.