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Vienna, Austria

Here I relax in the Stadpark next to the golden statue of Johann Strauss. Listening closely, I can hear the sound of strings in the wind.

Near Vienna, Austria

While cruising along the Danube River through the Wachau Valley, I received some nautical tips from the captain!

Budapest, Hungary

I sit on a wall behind the Royal Palace on the Buda side of the city. Behind me may be seen the Chain Bridge, the first permanent bridge across the Danube River. The Bridge, built in 1849, was instrumental in uniting Buda and Pest into one city.

Kecskemet, Hungary

I am awed by the beautiful town hall in the center of town. The hall, erected in 1896, is a wonderful example of secessionist style architecture.

Sibiu, Romania

This couple of sprightly folk dancers took a
moment to teach me some wonderful new moves!