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I knew that this noise, whether it was due to some inherent perversity within the Eye or to some ancient alarm system, would draw the Shoggoths directly to my position. I quickly gathered my

A Shoggoth appears

senses and ran through the doorway into the hall. As I hastily progressed upward through the main passage, I could hear the hateful moist sliding of the Shoggoths’ bloated corpulent bodies coming closer. They were calling to one another in that unsettling mockery of language which I imagined oozing forth from malformed gelatinous mouths. They were clearly in pursuit. Out of the corner of my eye, as I raced passed one of the side passages, I caught view of a sight so disturbing, it almost stopped me cold, surely to my demise. For seeping and twisting out of the passage towards me was a giant viscid orb, groping at me with slippery tentacles. Rather than stopping, I managed the presence of mind to 

stride faster, away from this blasphemous creature. Its bulbous form undulated in pursuit, calling in tones reminiscent of the last cries to issue from the lips of a drowning man. I reached the large

chamber I had originally entered and sprang upon the rope dangling down the shaft. Using all of my physical abilities, I swiftly climbed upward toward the light. I could not spare a moment to peer downward, but I could hear and smell the Shoggoth lumbering up the shaft behind me. I thought that I could feel its dripping tentacles reaching for me, almost touching me with their filth. I arose from the hole into my basement, feeling as if I were escaping the grave. I held the Eye aloft and watched as light streamed into the artefact, charging its destructive

Lucius charges the Eye of Azathoth

The jet of unearthly fire strikes the Shoggoth

power. At the same time, the bloated pale Shoggoth was forcing itself through the orifice in the floor like a putrid gaseous bubble rising in a swamp. As it reached toward me with sickly white pseudopod members, I brought the Eye to bear upon its disgusting form. A jet of black fire erupted from the Eye, racing towards the emerging Shoggoth. With a clap of prodigious thunder, the beam struck the hideous creature.

The Shoggoth rippled and then exploded like a petrol engorged tick, the force nearly throwing me to the ground. For a fraction of a moment, all was silent. Then, like cracks from a repeating rifle, I heard the destructive thunder echo repeatedly down in the chambers below, slowly moving deeper into the earth and away from my aural range, like a swiftly moving storm. The event culminated as a gout of fire and filth erupted from the portal in my floor, sending shockwaves throughout the region. I knew that nothing could survive those blasts, including the dying Mi-Go entombed below.

The Shoggoths are destroyed