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Lucius discovers the Mi-Go

The mental plea became stronger and, soon, after exiting into one of the side passages, I stood in a small chamber where I spied a slightly decayed unearthly body in one corner. The form moved and I realised that the plea for help was emanating from this decrepit creature. The being resembled a giant yellowish-pink crustacean with a multitude of spider-like limbs set about its body and a pair of shriveled pale wings on its back. Where its head should have been resided an oval or egg shaped member suffused with numerous short cilia-like antennae. The being's exterior was not chitinous like a lobster, but, instead, appeared to be composed of a slightly pulsating fungoid material. Attaching this pitiful 

being to the wall and ceiling of the room was a host of umbilical cord-like cables and wires which added to the grotesque panorama assaulting my senses. Within my head, the being spoke.

"The Shoggoths must be destroyed! The Eye of Azathoth is the only way!"

 Sensing my confusion, the being provided me with a more robust explanation.

"Forgive my urgency, but my situation is dire. For an eternity I have waited for a saviour, and now that you have arrived, I rush for a hasty conclusion, but you require an explanation. I am of the race known as the Mi-Go. Ages ago, I and many of my kind arrived on Earth from the planetoid we call Yuggoth, at the edge of this solar system."

In my mind I immediately thought of Sedna, the recently discovered planetoid which is the most distant known object in our solar system.

"Interesting", the Mi-Go responded to my thought, "my kind have always shielded your people from knowledge of Yuggoth. However, it appears that they have revealed its existence to you. What this revelation portends for your world, I cannot guess. But this aside is of no moment. We came to Earth to mine certain rare metallic substances that we required. However, when we arrived, Elder Beings from other worlds had already settled on this planet. We waged stupendous battles against these Old Ones and drove them into the sea. Besides the land for our mines, we took other spoils from the Old Ones as well. These Elder Beings bred and used creatures called Shoggoths for menial labor; large gelatinous orbs which can shape their malleable forms into pseudopod-like appendages and sensory organs to complete a wide range of tasks. We could not divine how to breed the creatures, but we quickly found that they were very useful for mining and we subjugated them when possible after defeating the Old Ones in battle."

The Mi-Go makes his plea to Lucius

"We controlled and organized the Shoggoths telepathically. However, over time, the Shoggoths developed rudimentary intelligence and wills of their own. Soon, the creatures turned on us, and, with their great strength and imperviousness, brutally slew all of the Mi-Go in this mine save for myself, for whom they planned a more hideous fate. I dare not speculate as to what happened in other mines across this planet which utilized Shoggoths! The Shoggoths have only limited telepathic ability with which they may receive telepathic communications but may not transmit such communications. However, the Shoggoths discovered that, if they caught one of us in a moment of mental weakness,

they could overwhelm that one's mental faculties and usurp his telepathic abilities in order to communicate among themselves. In this way, the Shoggoths enslaved me to use as a conduit so that they could communicate with each other over distances by using my telepathic abilities to amplify their own meager abilities. Through various means, they have also kept me from communicating with my kind."

"For many centuries now, the Shoggoths have lived in this mining complex growing in intelligence, keeping me prisoner, and devising diabolical plans, for as their intelligence grows so does their ambition and greed. For several centuries the local humans paid sacrifices to the Shoggoths through the aperture which you utilized to enter this mine. These misguided humans sought in return paranormal powers which the Shoggoths do not possess to impart. However, the sacrifices did appease the Shoggoths so that they did not come above ground and paint the wide swath of destruction which they are wont to do. However, it has now been almost three hundred years since such tribute has been paid and the Shoggoths have grown increasingly restless throughout this time. Now that the shaft has been opened, thus attracting their attention towards the surface world once again, it is unlikely that they will remain subterraneously secluded much longer. I dare not consider the destructive machinations they will unleash upon your world."