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Here in Chippewa Square, Tom Hanks expounded on the relationship between life and a box of chocolates. The square was named to commemorate the victory of American troops under General Jacob Brown in the Battle of Chippewa during the War of 1812.
The statute of the Waving Girl on River Street commemorates Florence Martus (1869-1943), the daughter of the Lighthouse Keeper who fell in love with a young sailor. The sailor promised to marry Florence after one more voyage and she promised to wait for him outside the lighthouse for when he returned. For many years, whenever a ship would pass the lighthouse to enter Savannah, Florence would wave a cloth in welcome, hoping that one of these ships would bring her love back to her. Florence's love never returned and eventually, Florence died of old age. To this day, sailors report seeing Florence waving to them as they arrive in Savannah, and the ships blow their horns to greet her.
I decided a buggy ride would be a fabulous way to see the city. My chauffeur, Michelle, certainly didn't let me down.
After a wonderful outdoor lunch, I lounged in the City Market Area, watching people and taking in the atmosphere.