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Lucius, inspired by Van Reid's novels about the Moosepath League, set out to explore the great state of Maine and the places detailed in Reid's books. Lucius was not disappointed by the beauty and history held by this state.

The Blockhouse at Fort Edgecomb,
built in 1808.

Not only is Fort Edgecomb the Nation's
best preserved fort, but it is also a favorite
spot for the Moosepath League. I kept guard
against any river pirates!

The Shell Middens of Damariscotta,
over 2,000 years old.

Reclining on the Middens after adding
a few oyster shells of my own.

I couldn't help but detour into Scarborough
in order to visit Lenny, the world's only life
sized chocolate moose.

I met a new friend during my wanderings
named Giuseppe Bobby-Jo. Although she
is a self-professed "white trash monkey
straight out of the trailer park", I found
her to be quite intelligent and
compassionate underneath her bluff exterior.