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Dear readers, it is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I relate to you the details of Lucius' death as they have become known to me. As many of you know, Lucius recently traveled to Egypt for a purpose known only to himself. Upon his return home he immediately began meditating while listening to chants from the Bardo Thodol, more commonly known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. We had never seen Lucius act with such urgency and, frankly, we were quite worried for him and about what his actions might portend. Lucius' meditative trance continued for several months while our anxiety mounted since we were unable to communicate our concern to Lucius nor was he able to communicate his purpose to us.

Finally, two weeks ago, Lucius' plan was revealed to us. The first significant event was his death, occurring on February 10, 2008 at approximately 4:30 p.m. As fate would have it, Iggy was able to capture Luciusí last moment and his ascension on film. I now share this evidence with you:

The next event was our discovery of a letter which Lucius had left for us, in obvious preparation for his demise. Again, I know that Lucius would want us to share the content of his letter with you:

Dear friends,
 as you are reading this missive, you are no doubt aware that I have been successful in the first part of my mission, which is to say coarsely, I am dead.
 I beg you to forgive my silence and lack of attention in the last few month and for my abrupt ultimate departure.  I have been a neglectful comrade, but only because of the importance of, and focus required for, the preparations for my current journey through the spirit world.
 I alluded to fragments of my tale when I returned from Egypt and began my meditations, but now, to the best of my abilities, I shall explain the full import of my actions. 
 I traveled to Egypt because I could sense there the awakening of a powerful malign force, the likes of which this globe has not seen for many millennia.  Itís emerging presence haunted my inner eye, threatening to tear my soul apart.  I had no choice but to track its source for my own well-being and for the well-being of all sock-kind.  Once in Egypt, I was unable to pinpoint the source of this evil manifestation until near the culmination of my excursion.  Finally while diving near the original site of the Temple of Hathor and utilizing the Eye of Azathoth to peer into the spirit realm there, I saw the sought after entity, attempting to break free of its bonds  like a hellish embryo ripping free from its fetid amniotic sack.  I will not name the entity, for that would increase its power.  Instead, I shall refer to it as the Evil, for that is an apt description.  Once free of its prison, the Evil would spread throughout the dimensions, and our universe would be destroyed in a maelstrom of darkness and chaos.  Now that I had discovered the source of my disturbance, I raced home in order to prepare for my crossing over into the spirit realm and my ultimate confrontation with the Evil before it could fully escape its bonds. 
 I knew that my meditative preparations would be long and arduous, and this is why, dear friends, I was not able to give you a full report upon my homeward return.  Once home, I immediately began the meditation process, relaxing my mind, body, and spirit and allowing the Tibetan chants from the Bardo Thodol enter into my psyche and guide me into the spirit realm.  Apparently I was successful.
 I will not be able to communicate with you again until and unless I am ultimately successful in re-binding the Evil.  The next step of the journey will entail my traveling through the spirit realm back to the location where I discovered the Evil.  Once there, I will confront and hopefully defeat this entity.  If I am able to accomplish this task, I will then attempt to re-cross into our own dimension.  Only then will I be in contact with you all again. 
 Wish me luck and have faith that we will greet one another again.
Warmest regards,

The facts are now laid out before you.  I am sure you will join us as we hope and wait for Lucius' triumphant return.