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Through our friends at Amazon, Lucius is pleased to offer books that either concern sock monkeys or are in some other way related to Lucius or his website.

This wonderful book contains Arne Svenson's black and white portraits of 200 sock monkeys from Ron Warren's collection of 1,863 sock monkeys. The photographs are elegant and beautiful; shot in the manner of traditional portraiture. The images capture a wide array of characters, some joyful, some wistful, some bizarre, some slightly frightening. Various novelists, entertainers, and fashion commentators have also contributed short stories inspired by their favorite photographs to the book. I had an opportunity to meet many of the subject sock monkeys in person at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia last spring. They are justifiably proud of this book and excited to share their images with the world.

Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey books are dark and disturbing and yet oddly uplifting.  Moments of horror are interfused with child-like wonder and glee.  The characters, Uncle Gabby and Mr. Crow, are naive, lovable and irrepressible, innocently causing havoc in the outside world. The illustration is detailed and sublime and the characters' patterns of speech are quaint and appropriately artificial. I definitely recommend them, especially when one wishes to reach a  somber state of mind. You can also preview some of the sock monkey pages and see a short sock monkey movie at Maakies.

Esther Averill's collection of Cat Club stories featuring Jenny Linsky, written between the 1940's and the 1970's, are delightful and engaging. Her simple illustrations and whimsical descriptions of cats in New York City are addictive. Her unique writing style and curious plot points are innocent and delectable. Fortunately, all but one of her books has recently been reprinted so that another generation may enjoy these works. The only book to remain out of print is "Jenny's Bedside Book" which is a picture book in a format similar to "Jenny's Birthday Book." If interested, I suggest that you stalk this pricey collectible on Ebay.

In his Moosepath League books, Van Reid creates wonderfully endearing characters and colorful, vivid environments. His stories and writing are superb and memorable. In his first three books, and his new fifth book, the reader joins various members of the Moosepath League for adventures and mysteries set in the Edwardian era. The fourth book, Peter Loon, is set 100 years earlier than the first three books, pre-dating the beginning of the Moosepath League.