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Lucius was very excited to return to Japan from where many of his fond memories originate. He took the opportunity to visit old friends, meet new ones, and rekindle his love of the Land of the Rising Sun by touring some of its sites.

I had just touched down at the Tokyo airport, and already I was full of mirth and happy to be jaunting about. My flight was long, but quite nice, all things considered. I made sure that I had plenty of my favorite travel food, chocolate covered soybeans from Trader Joe's. I highly recommend them for keeping the jet lag at bay. I had not been to Japan since February six years ago when I was there for the festival of Setsubun. This time, although I came simply for a vacation, I did engage in a little business at the behest of certain members of the imperial family. However, that is a story for another time. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the pictorial gallery below that has been assembled for your viewing pleasure.

I sit atop Mount Fuji, experiencing the glowing dawn and watching the wave-like clouds. Oh Fuji-san, you are truly majestic!

Comfortably I perch upon the street sign, Osaka castle rising behind me.

How could I resist a photo opportunity with my drumming friend outside of the Dotombori Arcade!

Posing with the golden temple Kinkakurji in Kyoto, erected in 1397. The Japanese fantastic sense of aesthetics always amazes me. The balance of the structure, its reflection, and the frame of trees is awe inspiring.