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As Iggy and Mox survey their work, a smartly dressed woman approaches them.

Good work boys, weíve had our eye on this guy for quite awhile. Not only was he destroying our delicate ecological system, but he was funding his bulldozer rentals by selling crystal meth.

Where'd she come from? And what's crystal meth? Is that anything like rock candy? ĎCause that stuff is addictive! And why was that guy doziní the dunes anyway?

Mox, when someone is paying you compliments, you donít ask insightful questions. Just accept the compliments. Itís like you don't ask who put the cookies on the table, you just eat them!


We believe that he was trying to destroy some of the dunes so that parts of the Outer Banks would wash away, thus making land more scarce and raising the worth of his property as a result. The Outer Banks community is in your debt for preventing the destruction of its dunes. You two are heroes.