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Shortly after Iggy and Mox begin their patrol they spy a shocking sight. . .

Hey Iggy, that guy is bulldozing the dunes! I know we’re not allowed on the dunes because it wrecks them or something. So that guy totally shouldn't be dozin' them! He must be some sort of eco-terrorist!

Once again our formidable skills are called for to foil this diabolical plot! Mox, to the Imp-o-copter! I will rain righteous fury down upon this evil-doer!

Imp-o-copter? Iggy, do you mean our new kite?

Mox, you have no imagination!

No, you’re just delusional.

I believe, how do you say, I am rubber and you are glue, baby!

Actually Iggy, I'm a toddler now.