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Recently I flew to the Island of Hawaii to hike among the lava flows and watch the papa holua races where participants ride twelve foot long, fifty pound sleds down volcanic mountains at about forty miles per hour. The races, in part, celebrate the goddess Pele. Here are some photographs from my excursion. Alas, apparently I was too excited by the races and neglected to capture them on film!

Here I sit on the cooling lava which has encroached upon the roadway in Volcanoes National Park.  I had to watch my step for in some places glowing red magma was only a few centimeters below me, ready to burst forth with just a sharp poke of a stick!

Next I wander among the rain forest foliage on the Ka-hau-a-Le'a Trail to Pu'u'O'o vent, the origin and lava source of the current eruption on the island.

While soaking in some vitamin D, I contemplate the black volcanic sand of Punalu'u Beach.  The sand is created when a'a lava flows touch the water and shatter into pieces which are then pulverized by the ocean waves.
At my favorite coffee shop in Kona, I rest and enjoy a hot beverage.