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This summer I was off to Eastern Europe! I had been longing to immerse myself in the earthiness of the many cultures of that area. It had also been many years since I was in Berlin; it was certainly a pleasure to see a unified Germany again. I also wished to investigate the rumors of sock monkey vampyres which seemed to permeate the region. I indeed found vampyres, however, I will save that tale for another time.


Berlin, Germany

In this photograph, I can be seen perched in front of the
"Equestrian Statue of the Great Elector" sculpted in 1703
by Andrea Schluter. The statue depicts the Great Elector,
Friedrick Wilhelm. In the background, Charlottenburg
Palace may be seen.

Berlin, Germany

I could not help but sample the local brews at this fine establishment. I say, Barkellner, another round bitte!

Warsaw, Poland

Here I rest by the by the statue of Sawa, the mermaid that protects Warsaw. Legend states that Sawa was a young woman who was turned into a mermaid by an evil witch. Her beloved, a fisherman named Wars, rescued her and they settled on the bank of the Vistula River. Their names, Wars and Sawa were combined to create Warsaw.

Krakow, Poland

I sit in front of the Wawel Cathedral soaking up the spiritual energy of the city. The Cathedral, which was begun in 1320, is situated next to the Zamek Krolewski, the royal castle.

Prague, Czech Republic

In this photograph I relive old memories on the Charles Bridge. I had to take time to assist my new friend and see if I could still work a crowd!