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Besides great clothing items and mugs, Lucius would also like to present some other very special merchandise to you. If you wish to make a purchase from this page, you may pay by money order or by paypal. Lucius also accepts trades of equal value goods for the merchandise on this page. Please email Lucius at for payment information.

The Lucius M. Monkey Action Figure!

Yes, the rumors are true, you can own your very own Lucius action figure. Create your own adventures starring the indomitable sock monkey Lucius M. Monkey.

Only: $4.99 plus s/h


Don't be left out in the cold. Now you to can have a touque just like Lucius'. It's a staple for all well groomed sock monkeys.

Only: $2.99 plus s/h

Lucius Board Game Pieces

You know you've lost some playing pieces to your Candyland or Monopoly game. What to do? Buy a whole new game? Absolutely not! Simply invest in this series of four polymer visages of Lucius and let the games begin!

Only: $3.99 plus s/h

An Autographed Photograph of Lucius

Own a piece of personalized history. Lucius will autograph an approximately 5x7 picture of himself specifically for you. Just tell Lucius your name and desired message and what picture you would like autographed. Without a doubt, this is a deal at any price.

Only: $3.99 plus s/h

A Small Unidentified Antler Rack

These antlers are about 10 inches long. Put them near the door and hang keys from them or attach them to your own sock monkey and make a monk-a-lope. The possible uses for these antlers are only limited by your own creative endeavors.

Only: $12.99 plus s/h