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Recently, I journeyed to the British Isles to conduct a transaction at Stonehenge during the lunar eclipse. However, never one to miss an opportunity to sally about, I also arranged my time so that I could visit some of the other wonderful sites offered by the Isles.

Meditating, I wait for the sun to set and the lunar eclipse to begin at the ancient and mystical site of Stonehenge. The shadows are growing long, and I can feel the power of the site intensify as the darkness gathers.

In 1191, here at Glastonberry Abbey, the resident monks claimed to have a vision in which they learned that the legendary King Arthur and Guinevere were buried at this location.

Also located at Glastonberry Abbey is this thorn tree, under which I sit, next to St. Patrick's chapel. Tradition states that this tree grew from a cutting from the tree which allegedly sprouted on Wearyhall Hill when Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff into the ground.

Located in Bath, England is the Roman Bath Museum which was built upon the original Roman baths from the first century A.D. The original Roman paving and lead base is still evident as are the hot springs, which are still enjoyed today.

While in Bath, I also visited Bath Abbey where Edgar the First, king of a united England, was crowned in 973 A.D. Note the angels ascending and descending the ladders on either side of the Abbey doors.